Physical Education

Physical Education




• To ensure that ALL children are physically active –
recommended 2hrs a day, one hour of which should be in school.
• Have a broad range of physical and tactical skill.
• Enjoy and see the benefit of exercise and the importance of fitness and health.
• To know the positive effect of exercise on the body
• To know the link between physical fitness and mental health
• To encourage pupil participation in a wide variety of physical activities.
• To ensure ALL children understanding the importance of sportsmanship and fair play.
• To create a health legacy for ALL our pupils.
• To create a love of sport and competition

• To give the children quality active breaks that build upon the skills they have been taught in their PE lessons.
• To provide an active playground with lots of opportunity for physical activity in both KS1 and KS2 such as outdoor gym equipment, adventure equipment and sports equipment.
• To make cross-curricular links to other subjects.
• To celebrate success of our pupils in physical activity outside of school during assemblies.
• To celebrate and follow the big sporting events each year.
• To provide high-level coaching via outside elite coaches.
• To provide opportunities to compete against schools in the local area.

• An increase in professional development for the staff on how to teach physical activity.
• To see an increase in the physical activity that leads to fitter and more focused children.
• To see a wider variety of children taking part activity across both Key Stages.
• To see an increase in participation and representation in school sport across the area.
• To see an improvement in the children’s work in books, by giving them a chance to refocus and recharge before, between and after lessons.
• To see a positive growth mindset/mental health.
• For the children to see the positive impact of staying active, both physically and mentally.

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