Our computing curriculum aims to enhance and develop life-long skills for all children that they can use in jobs in the future. We focus on engaging children with up-to-date learning and technology and provide them with the tools they need to access all parts of the curriculum. 





• To use computer technology to research and access knowledge and information.
• To understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science.
• To evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, to solve problems;
• To create responsible, competent, confident users of information and communication technology.
• To ensure all pupils understanding and participate in Internet safety.

• All class teachers discuss / teach online safety issues at an age appropriate level on a weekly basis.
• Each class completes computing within Topic sessions which allows them to develop their skills on different programs within the curriculum and apply their skills in context.
• Children use IT to present their work and understanding on a regular basis.
• Each child in school has their own Google Chromebook that allows them access to the curriculum independently. 
• iPads are used to develop research, recording and programming skills across school.
• Various online safety assemblies throughout each year.
• Work is done on cyber-bullying by each class on a yearly basis.
• Children evidence their work by saving on the shared area or on their own drive within Google Classroom.
• All classes equipped with smart boards to allow staff to demonstrate computing skills to the children and to share interactive videos and slideshows.
• An external and internal mouse is used throughout the school to improve fine motor control.

• Discussing online safety on a more regular basis has certainly raised the profile of how to stay safe online. Children are more open and honest about their use.
• Children know how to share safely; understand consent; are open and honest about technology; think before they act; know how to create a safe password and keep it private; know what they should and should not post online.
• Confidence of coding is developing as the children develop throughout the school.
• Many children are confident users of IT and can therefore use ICT effectively both at school an at home.
• By the time they reach year 6, Children are able to use multiple programs to create a document or solve a problem.
• Children extend their learning via Google Classroom at home.

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