Modern Foreign Language

Modern Foreign Language




• To provide children with reading, writing, listening and oracy skills in another language
• To open their mind to a world wider than their own.
• To develop and introduce a difference culture, tradition and beliefs.
• To use another language in an everyday context.
• To provide the children with a balanced and broad education.
• To give the children a love of travel and the world.

• Children in KS2 will receive one 30-45 minute session of explicit MFL teaching per week, provided by the class teacher.
• The resources provided by the schemes of work help support the teachers as they talk through lesson ideas step-by-step and contain many resources including sound clips for correct pronunciation.
• The themes covered allow for progression year on year and also tie in to national and international events.
• Lesson will allow for creativity through the use of song, dance, role play and games.
• Language should be used spontaneously in the classroom. E.g. the register, labelled objects around school and using a cross-curricular approach in other subjects.

• Feedback from the children about their experience.
• An increased love of the world and different cultures.
• An increase in respect and understanding for the world in which we live.
• Transition into modern foreign language for high school.

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