Art Design

Art Design

Our Art and Design curriculum focuses on skills, knowledge and techniques through the medium of different artists and has been designed to encourage curiosity, enjoyment, individuality and resilience. During art, children build their skills and develop their visual language to use different techniques with a range of media to produce a finished piece. This enables our children to express their creativity.




• To provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
• To instil an appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts.
• To stimulate imagination and creativity; involving children in a range of visual, tactile and sensory experiences.
• To promote careful observation and an appreciation of the world around us.
• To explore ideas and meanings through studying the work of artists and designers.
• To develop knowledge of significant artists through the ages.
• To explore and enhance artistic skill and precision.

• To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in art and design, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school.
• To focus on knowledge and skills.
• To ensure that all children gain ‘real-life’ experiences through art.
• To use progression of knowledge and skills document to ensure children build on skills year by year.
• To follow the children’s interests to ensure their learning is engaging, broad and balanced.
• Visiting local art galleries and parks.
• Visits from local artists.
• Developing a range of skills.

• To see an increase in creativity and understanding of the artists around us.
• An improvement in the quality and quantity of the art work produced around school.
• An appreciation of artists, both historical and modern, and to build opinions based on studying their work.
• Understanding of the range of skills used within art.

By mixing and blending primary colours we create every colour of the rainbow. 

Using layered painting techniques to create a wonderful piece of art based on the work of Georgia O’Keefe

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